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russian internet tv

on Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:00 pm
watch russian tv online. Since the late 1990s, attempts to create an Internet television had failed because of the considerable bandwidth required by the video signal; However, interest in this type of public communication resumes with the success of YouTube and the expansion of ADSL. The user generates a closer and easier interaction with the information through multiple electronic devices (smart phone, tablet, PC), which are connected to the Internet in a constant way thanks to the development of communication technologies. In this way a user is no longer limited to just making use of the data, but can access them at any time and place. (...) The new digital user has also experienced an evolution to the always on state that is considered to be one of the most outstanding properties of the audiovisual audiovisual network (...) The access of users to content through methods such as retransmission is causing a major change in the ways of creating, distributing and consuming, due to its easy diffusion by the online platforms that exist today. This dynamic in the audiovisual market has caused so-called over-the-top and TV-anywhere services (those that give people the ability to see popular products on computers, tablets, game consoles, connected TVs and other devices ) Have become a strategic priority for entertainment companies or open television or cable networks. 34865
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