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investing online

on Sat Oct 21, 2017 7:05 pm
Investing online seems to look a good and very intersting idea for those who have an interest in the markets but don’t have enough interest in it to make it a part of their daily or weekly schedule. The Internet makes investing easier, but making good investments is as hard as ever. Sometimes harder, if you’re a novice: you’re working alone, without a broker or adviser to mentor you. Another risk for novices is that it’s easy to get seduced by the technology and forget that when you put in a buy order, you’re spending real money. To succeed, you need the same judgment and research skills with your online account that you use in making any investment. Otherwise The Securities and Exchange Commission notes that a common problem for online investors is that they place market orders for fast-moving stocks. By the time the order goes through, the price may have risen to more than you can afford. 96836
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